Entry Level Ski

The Blue-Fin is a super-stable, super-light ski ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers, an ideal transition craft from sea kayak to surfski. From the bow to the back of the cockpit it is pure surfski, from the cockpit to the rudder housing it is more kayak-like, and from the rudder housing to the stern it tapers like a “normal” ski. The kayak like 1.5m section from the cockpit back is where the effortless stability comes from.

The Blue-Fin has a great turn of speed especially against the flow and in ocean waves where this boat excels in catching runners and big swells. The 44cm cockpit, comfortable foot-well, inherent stability and a reasonably flat deck behind the cockpit gives this ski great distance capability allowing you to paddle for longer and in more comfort than any other ski in this class.

“….the Fenn Blue-Fin is an awesome surfski, not only for beginners but I reckon it will be an absolute hoot on runners and riding big swells…”
– The Fat Paddler

Fenn Blue-Fin S

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Length: 5.9m
    • Width: 53cm
    • Fibreglass (weight 17kg)
    • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass (weight 14kg)
    • Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon (12.5kg)
    • Carbon (10kg)

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