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The Elite hit the paddling fraternity with a bang. As soon as it came on the market it dominated all the events. The original high performance racing ski with superior performance in all downwind conditions. 

The Fenn Elite has been a proven success in recent years as the best downwind surfing ski on the market.

Available in: Fibreglass (weight 17.5kg), Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass (weight 14.5kg), Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon (12.5kg) and Carbon (11.5kg).

Fenn Elite S

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Length: 6.44m
    • Width: 44cm
    • Fibreglass (weight 17.5kg)
    • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass (weight 14.5kg)
    • Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon (12.5kg)
    • Carbon(11.5kg)

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