Beginner to Intermediate Ski

The XT is the workhorse of surf skis.  It’s stable and fast, making it both the best design for new surfski paddlers and a downwind machine for experienced paddlers.  The Mako XT is by far the fastest 19” surf ski on the market.  Last year, Fenn improved on the design by moving the seat and rudder forward for better tracking while surfing.  This is the only boat I go storm paddling in and my boat of choice for big downwinders.  The great initial stability allows beginners paddlers to focus on paddling instead of swimming, and gives more advanced ski paddlers the stable platform to eat up the wind and waves.  

The majority of big downwinders and storm paddling in the Pacific Northwest are cold, windy, and unpredictable – making the XT the safe boat of choice. In terms of speed and racing, Deanne won the 2010 US National Championships in a Carbon Mako XT, beating many experienced paddlers that were in faster flatwater boats!

Fenn XT

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Length: 5.9m
    • Width: 53cm
    • Fibreglass (weight 17kg)
    • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass (weight 14kg)
    • Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon (12.5kg)
    • Carbon (10kg)

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