Surf Life Saving Australia approved

The LS is an around the cans ski or Surf Life Saving spec ski and is about to be the first South African designed surfski that will be accredited to be used in Australian Lifesaving competitions. Due to the compulsory specifications required to be accredited, there is limited room for hull design. However, Fenn has created a ski which really stands out in one key feature: it’s ability to cut through a swell and chop. This is particularly noticeable when turning the Apex can and heading back to the beach. It feels like the ski actually parts the swell in front of you and it effortlessly glides form one swell to the next. It is going to be interesting to see what kind of results this surfski gets. 

The pedigree of this ski has already been proven with Matt Bowman winning the 2014 world surf ski title.

The LS comes with two seat heights to cater for big rough conditions or increased stability for newer paddlers.

Fenn LS

    • Length: 5.8m
    • Width: 48cm
    • Weight: 18kg

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