Intermediate Ski

Intermediate Designed specifically for the intermediate paddler. The Swordfish offers amazing downwind surfing ability, and is the next step up from the Fenn XT or for those looking for greater speed and a new challenge. The Swordfish easily picks up the runners similar to the more advanced skis but offers the paddler more stability and therefore comfort and control in bigger conditions.

90% of surfski paddlers worldwide should be in this surfski. It offers amazing downwind ability combined with way more speed yet similar comfort compared to the BlueFin and XT.

Available in: Fibreglass(weight 17.5kg), Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass(weight 14.5kg), Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon(12.5kg) and Carbon(10.5kg).

Fenn Swordfish S

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Length: 6.1m
    • Width: 45cm
    • Fibreglass (weight 17.5kg)
    • Vacuum Bagged Fiberglass (weight 14.5kg)
    • Hybrid – fibreglass/carbon (12.5kg)
    • Carbon (10.5kg)

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