The Viper 55 Ski has the same hull as theViper 55. it is perfect for either newcomers to the ocean scene or for those looking for a very stable, efficient tourer for lakes and rivers.

Carbon/Kevlar Honeycomb Vacuum Heat Cured

This construction is specific for marathon racing, and its main characteristics are lightness and stiffness. The balance between weight and stiffness gives this construction an outstanding performance in marathon racing.
Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum
This construction is thought for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance.

Nelo Viper 55 Ski

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Boat Length: 5.2 m
    • Beam: 55 cm
    • Ideal For: Fitness | Touring | Racing | Sea Kayaking
    • Stability Level: 4

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