Hawx 46 is Vajda's new intermediate ocean ski based on the Hawx 43 characteristics. Very fast boat shape with a flat hull for easy surfing.

Shorter boat (590cm) improves surfing on closer waves. Vajda Hawx 46 is the boat for the intermediate paddler, male or female who wants good stability in the big conditions without sacrificing speed.

The Vajda Hawx 46 is the middle child of the Hawx ocean ski range. Certainly not one to be ignored. The Vajda Hawx 46 is a very capable intermediate ocean ski. Do not let its stability fool you into thinking it lacks the pace to be up front when the swells are running.

Vajda Hawx 46

Construction (check for pricing)
    • Length: 5.9 m
    • Width: 46 cm
    • Stability Level: 4
    • Racing15 kg - Fiberglass/Carbon Hot Cured Epoxy Vacuum Foam core
    • Elite12 kg - Carbon – Epoxy Herex foam core Hot Cured Epoxy Vacuum
    • Elite Pro10.5 kg - Aramid Nomex honeycomb core Hot Cured Epoxy Vacuum

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