Vajda Raptor Ski

    • Boat Length: 5.35 m
    • Beam: 53 cm
    • Stability Level: 5
    • Styrolight® is a styrene-based plastics material with acrylic surface layer. Styrene based plastics have great toughness and high impact strength (even at low temperatures), good mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability.Styrolight® is thermoplastics material and for canoes and kayaks production is processed by vacuum forming in to the mould by high temperatures (140–160 °C). Top surface on all Styrolight® products is made from thin Acrylic layer for better scratch resistance and shiny look during the long period of time. This layer also contains UV stabilisers which guarantee colour and material stable and quality. All Vajda's boats and accessories made from Styrolight® are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Styrolight® boats have high resistance and toughness. One of the biggest advantage is low weight comparing to PE (polyethylene) plastics boats. Weight of Styrolight® boats is similar to Fiberglass-Epoxy constructions with incomparable better shock resistance. Specific weight is 1,1 g/cm3.

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